The telecom industry stands at the heart of society’s shift towards digitalization, necessitating services that provide immediacy, mobility, and interaction across personal and professional realms. This evolution is fostering new business models, market players, and services, further intensifying the competition in an already dynamic sector.

Established telecom operators are now entering a new investment phase, focusing on deploying next-generation networks like 5G to cater to the burgeoning variety of demands. Concurrently, they’re witnessing a shift in traditional revenue streams (voice and data) to new market entrants, often referred to as “over the top” players, who are also capturing the economic benefits of this digital shift. This transformation is also pivotal in driving corporate sustainability.

To navigate these uncertain waters, telecom operators are implementing transformative strategies. These include infrastructure innovations (like network sharing, virtualization, and creating Towercos), product development (by introducing new services or forming strategic alliances), operational overhauls (marked by comprehensive digital transformation), and a renewed focus on customer engagement. These initiatives demand an in-depth understanding of processes, analytical tools, and novel working methodologies. They necessitate a holistic approach, encompassing regulation, organization, business, technology, and sustainability, to achieve the necessary efficiency, agility, and flexibility to adapt to both current and future challenges.

My role involves collaborating with key industry players to identify new services that align with each company’s strategy and assets. I focus on designing and executing projects aimed at operational excellence, transforming information into actionable business insights to optimize “time to market” in this fast-paced electronic communications sector.


Commercial & marketing Strategy

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Commercial & marketing Strategy

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Digital transformation

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Disruptive technologies

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Have A Business Idea In Your Mind?

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