Get to know me

Dynamic Digital executive and consultant distinguished by a data-centric approach and a commendable history of surpassing objectives.

Boasts extensive experience spearheading transformative projects in the telecom sector and delivering strategic solutions for premier consultancy firms. Adept at fostering growth and innovation within diverse, remote teams across the globe


What I consider my Strengths

COMMITMENT: In a scrum, we all push equally.

RELIABLE: I give my best because we all depend on each other

CRITICAL THINKING: Always on the move looking for ways to achieve better results

RESULTS ORIENTED: I aspire to bring about change and achieve goals

FLEXIBLE AND CREATIVE: Multicultural, fast reacting and adaptable

What have I been up to lately

I played a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of Europe’s Cloud, Edge Computing, and IoT ecosystems, significantly contributing to Europe and Spain’s transition towards Industry 4.0.

I guided corporations in their Digital Transformation, adopting technologies like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, AI, and Blockchain, focusing on sustainable and inclusive business models.

I have also collaborated in managing innovation and integrating disruptive technologies to enhance corporate competitiveness. 

My professional background

Currently, I am dedicated to entrepreneurship, strategic consulting, and digital transformation.

My last tenure was at BluSpecs as a Managing Consultant for Industry & Data, a global management consultancy centered on supporting organizations in their digital transformation journey.

One of my most enriching and satisfying professional experiences was at Telefónica S.A. in my role as Head of Commercial Strategy, where I spearheaded a dynamic team of consultants, analysts, and engineers. Our focus was on crafting bespoke commercial strategies for various countries, leveraging a sophisticated data lake and cutting-edge machine-learning techniques. This initiative successfully enhanced customer retention and boosted revenues by 5-10%. Before this, I served as Head of Customer Insights. This role laid the groundwork for my subsequent achievements, notably a 10-30% improvement in both customer retention and acquisition.

A constant throughout my career has been my involvement in digital transformation projects. In 2018, I played a pivotal role in overhauling business processes for a telecommunications operator, contributing to a 10% increase in mobile device margins.

My background is also profoundly technical. I was part of the global team responsible for the development of Cyanogen OS and Firefox OS devices. As  Global Operations Manager, my responsibilities were extensive, encompassing coordination across various teams – developers, OEMs, manufacturers, logistics, marketing, and sales channels – to ensure the successful launch and commercialization of Cyanogen OS and Firefox OS smartphones in Europe & Latin America, achieving impressive sales of over 1 million devices.

In addition to my corporate roles, I’ve embraced entrepreneurship and consulting, co-founding Pocket Widget and, and guiding digital transformation initiatives at Elzaburu, an IP law firm.

My career’s foundation was laid at renowned Big 4 consultancy firms, including Deloitte and Accenture, with Arthur Andersen being particularly influential as the ethos and practices I absorbed have been a guiding influence throughout my professional journey.

Why choosing me?

My sole objective is to increase my client’s competitiveness and relevance in the market by relying on the development of a strategy based on the exploitation of technology and data.

Technology Pipeline

Creation of the technology pipeline, with technologies with high potential for the business.

Digital transformation

Systematisation of processes and agile exploration of solutions that add value to the technological universe of our clients


Increased flexibility and internal capacity to understand and face technological change in short timeframes

Technology adoption

Significant boost in the ability to select and absorb new technologies that provide differential value to the business

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