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What can I bring to your company?

With over 23 years in technology, innovation, and digital transformation, I possess the expertise to boost a company’s competitiveness.

I specialize in integrating advanced technologies and innovative methods aligned with strategic goals to lead in dynamic markets by optimizing operations, enhancing offerings, and leading digital transformation. 

I craft strategies to navigate technological disruptions and open new business avenues, positioning the company as an industry leader.

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What consultancy services I offer

Technology strategy

Align technological capabilities with business goals to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Digital Strategy

Leverage digital technologies to transform business models, processes, and customer experiences to achieve strategic goals

Beyond Innovation

Transcend traditional collaboration boundaries to integrate broader ecosystems, harnessing external and internal ideas to drive radical innovation and value creation."

Commercial & Marketing Strategy

Combine data and customer insights to optimize product offerings, pricing, distribution, and marketing for maximum market penetration and profitability.

Disruptive technologies

Identify, integrate, and capitalize on groundbreaking technologies that fundamentally change industry standards and consumer expectations

Digital transformation

Integrate digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how it operates and delivers value to customers.

The Business Consulting Process

The business consulting process involves a structured approach to help organizations improve performance, solve challenges, and achieve strategic objectives. It begins with understanding the client’s business and challenges through data analysis and industry trends. The strategy development phase applies expertise and industry knowledge to formulate tailored recommendations, ensuring alignment with the organization’s vision, culture, and capabilities. The implementation phase involves managing change, training staff, and integrating new technologies. The review and feedback stage assesses the impact of interventions, focusing on partnership, knowledge transfer, and sustainable results.

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